Driven by core values of integrity, growth and authenticity.​

Our team of individuals have been chosen to support you towards your self development, alignment and modern practices that integrate into your everyday life. A contemporary approach to be oneself.

AOU Studio Teacher Jemma-Rae Sherwell

Jemma-Rae Sherwell

600+ hour certified Level 2 Advance Teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, counselling, inversions and Animal Flow. 10+ Years teaching experience.

Hello all, I’m Jem. I create classes to inspire. My style is a combination of fluid movements, integrated breathwork and still moments to connect within.

I have a fresh perspective on this practice, and I hope to share this as much as I can. My aim is to make your experience in class enjoyable by offering options and variations but also for you to understand your unique body and feel this connective experience. I source my inspiration for movement from many practices and forms and I enjoy challenging my own methods by this insight.

I hold a clever and intuitive sequence strategy within my classes, and I hope this allows your yoga experience to feel informative enough to freely move your body in whichever way feels safe.

AOU Studio Teacher Rylee Williams

Rylee Williams

300+ hour certified, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation + Breathwork. 50+ hour Yin YTT immersion / Assistant teacher.

Hi, I’m Rylee. With a fulfilment to create in all parts of life, I view yoga as a form of moving art.

A feeling, a motion and a deeper sense of safety within your own being. Expect lighthearted movements, creative words and emphasis on connecting movement to breath, breath to movement. I believe yoga allows us to create space for self-inquiry to help you become proactive in your own healing journey.

AOU Studio Teacher Sarah Dalrymple

Sarah Dalrymple

300+ hour certified Yoga Teacher Training - Advanced Asana, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, and Sound practices. 5 years of teaching experience. Also a qualified Occupational Therapist.

Hi, I’m Sarah. To me, yoga should be restful yet playful at the same time. It should be both warm and cool, soft and strong.

It should be about dancing with polarity and finding balance within our days and lives. Yoga is less about the asana (poses) and more about the breath and a state, a connection that you find within yourself.

I am also an occupational therapist. So yoga should be inclusive and look different to each and every person in the room. I am simply a guide within the practice and you are your own teacher. My hope is that every BODY can feel comfortable practising with me!

AOU Studio Teacher Joel Sherwell

Joel Sherwell

Yoga Teacher
Certified movement and mobility specialist (functional range condition) Certification III in fitness.

Hi, I’m Joel, 27 years old. Born on the Sunshine Coast I am a lover of the ocean and outdoors!

Surfing and movement is my escape or meditation as some may say. Over the past 4 years I found a love for mobility training as it has created a pain free life and the ability to understand movements better while gaining more connection and control I have within my own body.

Becoming certified in functional range conditioning the goal is to help others achieve certain goals and become more connected with themselves through movement! I believe movement done correctly is the key to a happy, healthy and pain free life.

AOU Studio Teacher Lou Fielding

Lou Fielding

Yoga Teacher
200hr yoga teacher training and qualified primary health and well-being teacher.

Hey, I’m Lou. I love spending time outside in nature as much as possible, whether that be trail running, camping or surfing.

Movement is a key element in my life and yoga has an important part of my daily habits. What I value most of all, community. Sharing space with people brings me so much joy and fulfilment and I hope my classes do just that. Create a safe, easy space for people to come and practice.

AOU Studio Teacher Jac Keleher

Jac Keleher

Yoga Teacher
750+ hours RYT yoga & meditation training — Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Traditional Tantra & Kriya meditation. Jac is also a qualified Zen Thai Shiatsu therapist.

Jac’s classes are ever-inspired by the vastness and wonder of what it is to be alive.

With a background embedded in traditional Tantra and the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she teaches with a deep understanding of energetics, breath and embodiment — incorporating story-telling and philosophy to create a felt experience of connection on all layers. She believes the practice to be a full body mudra in celebration of life – one that illuminates every cell of the being to come alive.

She teaches from the heart — as an extension of her own love for the practice, to help guide you home to the deep wisdom that lies within you, within a safe container where all feel free to express, to move and to be in the totality of their humanness.

AOU Studio Teacher Beck Hall

Beck Hall

Yoga Teacher
700+ hours of yoga teacher training - Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Beck is also a spirit breathwork facilitator and lead teacher of yin yoga training with Momentum Yoga School. Beck is co owner of Spirit Cacao and holds cacao ceremonies. Beck is a reiki master and Lomi Lomi massage practitioner.

Beck is a passionate and enthusiastic Yoga Teacher and Spirit Breathwork Facilitator.

Beck also co leads Yoga Teacher Trainings with Momentum Yoga School.
Her love for life is infectious along with her grounded and loving nature. She will inspire you to always do your best and believe in the power of all that is within you.

Beck leads from the heart and creates a warm and welcoming space, where everyone and everybody feels safe and can experience the benefits of yoga and the breath. She will be teaching Slow Flow Vinyasa and Yin and facilitating Breathwork Journeys once a month at AOU Studio.


AOU Studio Teacher Annie Cao

Annie Cao

Yoga Teacher
350+ hour yoga teacher training - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation. Annie has mainly trained in India. With 7 years of teaching experience.

Hi there, I’m Annie. You’ll quickly hear my French accent. I left France 7 years ago and my life completely changed when I started practising yoga and meditation.

I was trained in India 6 years ago in the Ashtanga tradition. therefore come down from a line of teachers who are deeply rooted in the traditions of yoga, with a strong and dedicated practice. Throughout the years, I slowly moved away from the Ashtanga practice but kept the discipline and strength of Ashtanga and I mixed it with the freedom, creativity and fluidity of Vinyasa. Therefore in my teaching I share values of discipline, commitment, authenticity and integrity through dynamic flows that encourage steadiness of the mind but also fluidity of movements and breath.

I design my classes to be accessible to everyone, offering different variations and always, the opportunity to rest whenever you need to – as much as the opportunity to challenge yourself when you feel like it. I am also a committed Vipassana meditator. I have completed five 10-day Vipassana courses and if I don’t meditate one day, you won’t recognise me. I believe meditation is an essential part of yoga, so all my classes always involve 5 to 10 min meditation at the start of the class, so we can all move with the awareness of the breath and sensations throughout the body.

AOU Studio Teacher Lillian Green

Lillian Green

Yoga Teacher
200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 75hr Yin Immersion Training, Independent Support Worker

Hello, my name is Lilly. I am 26 years old. My yoga practice started when I was 15. Over the years my personal practice has morphed & expanded – creating space for me to grow, to heal & to love.

Recently, I have been more inspired to share my practice with others. I love that sweet stillness our minds find through the practice of yoga. When I am not practising yoga, you can find me in the garden, or behind my sewing machine. Expect creative & playful movement from my classes; sweet but spicy.

Expect to step out of your head & into your body.

AOU Studio Teacher Anna Martin

Anna Martin

Yoga Teacher
500 E-RYT and 1000 Hour certified Advanced Yoga teacher, Yin Yoga, Bachelor's Degree in Human Movement, Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch Coach, Level 2 Animal Flow

Founder of Momentum Yoga School. Anna has a deep-seated love and appreciation of the miracle that is the human body and this is evident in her teaching style.

She is known for weaving threads of Functional Range Conditioning, Mobility, Animal Flow and Inversion play into her classes. Anna is a ‘teachers teacher’ having taught many of the local yoga facilitators on the Sunshine Coast either Advanced Asana training or their 200 Hour certification.

Anna aims to make the foundations fun, the strength building accessible and the movement delicious with a little pinch of spice! Her personal motto is ‘explore all ways’ a mindset that trickles off her mat into her everyday life.

AOU Studio Teacher Freya Barrett

Freya Barrett

Yoga Teacher
500+ hrs training in vinyasa, Yin and movement based therapy. 150 hrs + breathwork training, 20+ years of yoga with 4 years teaching experience.

Meet Freya, a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher whose love for body awareness and fluidity is at the core of her teaching philosophy.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the transformative power of yoga, Freya strives to guide students on a journey of self discovery. She firmly believes that cultivating a conscious connection to our bodies can unlock potential for physical, mental and emotional healing. She views yoga as a dynamic dance between breath, movement and stillness where transitions are as important as the postures themselves.

Beyond the physical practice Freya is dedicated to integrating Breathwork into her classes encouraging students to find their inner stillness. You can expect a balanced blend of strength-building, flexibility and relaxation. Whether your a beginner or experienced she creates an inclusive space for all levels.

Outside the studio Freya continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing education and personal practice, constantly exploring new ways of moving and philosophy, infusing her classes with fresh perspectives and creative sequences. Freya has a deep affection for her two dogs and loves to spend her time off with them in nature. Wilderness holds a special place in her heart and she finds solace and inspiration in the natural world.