Driven by core values of integrity, growth and authenticity.

Our team of individuals have been chosen to support you towards your self development, alignment and modern practices that integrate into your everyday life. A contemporary approach to be oneself.

AOU Studio Teacher Jemma-Rae Sherwell

Jemma-Rae Sherwell

600+ hour certified Level 2 Advance Teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, counselling, inversions and Animal Flow. 10+ Years teaching experience.

Hello all, I’m Jem. I create classes to inspire. My style is a combination of fluid movements, integrated breathwork and still moments to connect within.

I have a fresh perspective on this practice, and I hope to share this as much as I can. My aim is to make your experience in class enjoyable by offering options and variations but also for you to understand your unique body and feel this connective experience. I source my inspiration for movement from many practices and forms and I enjoy challenging my own methods by this insight.

I hold a clever and intuitive sequence strategy within my classes, and I hope this allows your yoga experience to feel informative enough to freely move your body in whichever way feels safe.

AOU Studio Teacher Rylee Williams

Rylee Williams

300+ hour certified, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation + Breathwork. 50+ hour Yin YTT immersion / Assistant teacher.

Hi, I’m Rylee. With a fulfilment to create in all parts of life, I view yoga as a form of moving art.

A feeling, a motion and a deeper sense of safety within your own being. Expect lighthearted movements, creative words and emphasis on connecting movement to breath, breath to movement. I believe yoga allows us to create space for self-inquiry to help you become proactive in your own healing journey.

AOU Studio Teacher Sarah Dalrymple

Sarah Dalrymple

300+ hour certified Yoga Teacher Training - Advanced Asana, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, and Sound practices. 5 years of teaching experience. Also a qualified Occupational Therapist.

Hi, I’m Sarah. To me, yoga should be restful yet playful at the same time. It should be both warm and cool, soft and strong.

It should be about dancing with polarity and finding balance within our days and lives. Yoga is less about the asana (poses) and more about the breath and a state, a connection that you find within yourself.

I am also an occupational therapist. So yoga should be inclusive and look different to each and every person in the room. I am simply a guide within the practice and you are your own teacher. My hope is that every BODY can feel comfortable practising with me!

AOU Studio Teacher Lillian Green

Lillian Green

Yoga Teacher
200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 75hr Yin Immersion Training, Independent Support Worker

Hello, my name is Lilly. I am 26 years old. My yoga practice started when I was 15. Over the years my personal practice has morphed & expanded – creating space for me to grow, to heal & to love.

Recently, I have been more inspired to share my practice with others. I love that sweet stillness our minds find through the practice of yoga. When I am not practising yoga, you can find me in the garden, or behind my sewing machine. Expect creative & playful movement from my classes; sweet but spicy.

Expect to step out of your head & into your body.

Stefani Cantelmi

Pilates Instructor
Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork and Reformer

Meet Stef – a Certified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor, a Breath Coach and a proud mother of two girls.

Stef’s Mat Pilates classes deliver an experience of a “moving meditation”, allowing for deep self-connection while sculpting, strengthening, and lengthening the body. Expect to feel the signature Pilates full body burn combined with a strong focus on mind-body connection. You will leave the classes feeling stronger, connected and motivated!

“One of the things I love most about Pilates is the concentration required for the movements. This is one of the “Pilates principles” and is how the Pilates method achieves the mind-body connection. It’s about being aware and mindfully focusing on your body’s movements, shutting out the noise and feeling what’s going on inside the body. This concentration encourages the focus of your thoughts and energy into performing each movement to the best of your ability.”

Mercia Cloete

Yoga Teacher
200 Hour YTT, BSC Human Physiology, Women's Circle and Cacao ceremony facilitator.

A practitioner for 16 years, Mercia’s passion for teaching lies in facilitating connection and integration of the body and mind, supporting deepening in understanding and feeling.

Mercia fell in love with yoga at a young age, when she was a competitive swimmer and yoga was used for rehabilitation and functional healing. From there began a long journey of diving into the intricacies of the human body. With a Degree in Zoology, Physiology and Nutrition, she is excited by the mechanics of the human body, as well as the incredible healing power of movement, meditation and connection to community.

For the last 5 years she has been travelling overseas, with yoga as a powerful anchoring tool wherever she goes. Now settled in the Sunshine Coast, she loves to support others in cultivating home and safety in their body to build resilience independent of external circumstances.

A huge advocate for taking Yoga beyond the physical asana, Mercia promotes yoga through mindfulness, ethics, discipline and developing intuition and connection to what our body is communicating with us. She loves the dynamic nature of yoga, from practices of strong, powerful Hatha and Vinyasa to a soft, gentle Yin and breath practices.

Santosha Le Roux

Yoga Teacher
200+ Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga. Certificate III in individual support, Level 1 Zenthai massage training Also a disability support worker and student of a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Hi, I’m Santosha. I view yoga as a practice that brings us to a place of peace through movement and breath.

I provide a class in which you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, and also to take rest. I believe that it is important to honour our unique bodies, in all they allow us to do. For me, yoga should be creative, fun, energising as well as calming and centring. Yoga is about so much more than the physical postures, it is breath, recentering, internal awareness, flow of mind and body, and surrender to the present moment. My aim is to guide you through a creative practice that allows you to go on your own inner journey, to deepen self connection and awareness, in a way that feels safe for you. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Sheree Stothard

Pilates Instructor
Certified Reformer and Mat Pilates Teacher, 6+ months of Teaching experience, 2+ years of personal practice, Cert III in Business Admin and Cert II in Animal Studies

Meet Sheree – Hi I’m Sheree, I was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and like most Sunny Coast locals I love the ocean, outdoors and movement.

Moving my body daily is very important to me, I grew up with a ballet background, so I was very drawn to Pilates. In my classes I’ll take you through some classical Pilates repertoire mixed in with layers of dynamic movements to challenge and strengthen the muscles, I like to keep an emphasis on breath in my classes as the ‘Pilates Breath’ is an important principle. My aim is for you to leave my classes feeling lengthened, strengthened and more aligned.

Tori Emm

Yoga Teacher
200-hour certified yoga instructor specialising in Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Meditation, and Pranayama. Also a student of finance and business management.

Hi I’m Tori, a yoga instructor from the UK and advocate for leading a happy and healthy life. I’m a deeply passionate person and I try to channel this into my yoga, on and off the mat.

My passion goes way beyond the asana practice, but extends to all others aspects of life. The interactions we have with others, the way we choose to live our life and ultimately the relationship we have with ourself. My mission is to help people feel more engaged and passionate about their own lives. I encourage you to make time for what matters—to pursue your own projects, devote time to friends and family, learn new skills, and pay attention to the little things.

Having spent a lot of time teaching in the beautiful country of Thailand, I’ve had the privilege of guiding individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning from first-time beginners to seasoned yogis. I take pride in creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome, while simultaneously encouraging and challenging you to deepen your yoga practice.

I infuse my classes with dynamic, fluid movements, allowing the body to stretch and strengthen, whilst also sprinkling in a dose of inspiration. Whether the flow relaxes you or challenges you, my goal is to make you to feel at home on your mat and encouraging you to leave each class feeling more grounded in your truest self.