With a large airy feel, we wanted to curate a space of lightness with a strong feeling towards purpose and practice.

Jems, Rylee and Sar have designed AOU to have a complete format where larger classes can be extended to signature furnishings being completely movable in motions for community collaborations and events.

yoga flow for mobility


Expect movement through connecting individuals joints and activating them to their full range of motion. It’s about gaining control and understanding the ranges while strengthening into all aspects of the body.

Yin and Sound 60 min curated class

Yin & Sound

This is a 60min curated class that devotes the body to rest. A yin sequence incorporating the healing benefits to the entire being. Sound will be brought to the room through sound bowls leaving you on the mat with sensations of vibrations and completeness.

breathwork meditation


Breathwork and meditation will be guided in this class, allowing you to give yourself the feelings of calm and a clear space of mind. AOU feel a strong connection towards a continuous meditation practice and want to support you on your personal development journey.

Vin Yin yoga class of breath and pranayama

Vin Yin

A combination of half vinyasa then easing out of the practice into a yin class of long holds and soft gentle movements. Breath and pranayama will be incorporated to enhance the feeling and sensation of this class.

Power yoga to build strength


Is a strong yoga sequence of all shapes and postures, think dynamic, energetic. Power will incorporate breath, philosophy and themes. Come open minded with a chance of building heat and strength.

Yin yoga pose - move deeper into the muscles of your body


For the slow movement, we hold each pose from anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes to move deeper into the muscles, tissues and facia of the body. We deeply connect in this class to the meridians and myofascial lines of the whole being.

Slow yoga flow for body and mind


Slow doesn’t necessarily mean easy, think of a nurturing experience, tendering to your body and mind. This class is accommodating for all individuals and yoga levels.

Flow Yoga - calm the mind and reduce stress


A steady paced yoga practice with greater focus on form and alignment. This class moves at a mindful pace with class intensity ranging from strong to chill. Each teacher will share a unique variation of this class, leaving individuals with feelings of strong grounding and sense of presence.


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